Self Defence for Your Family

Self Defence is a Skill for Life

" Brilliant course. It teaches how not to be a victim, the psychology of the attacker, the excuses we make for people's behaviour, the red flags of an upcoming attack, when to strike first, and obviously so hands-on moves. It's all about the self-defense mindset and connecting the neuropathways for self-defense. I'm so happy my 12 year old got this course, she really enjoyed it and feels very empowered now. I have recommended this course to many people already" Sandrine

A Family Focused Self Defence Course

A Unique Self defence Course designed so that Parent and Teenagers can learn Essential Skills Together

Self Defence Skills

Learn to Protect Yourself with proven Self defence tactics which are easy to learn and remember


Develop awareness and Decision Making Skills to Avoid and Prevent Dangerous Situations

Self Confidence

Improve your self confidence based on the knowledge that you are able to handle difficult situations because you gave trained

Everyday Lives are Changed by Vicious Assault... Don't Let it Happen to You or Your Family

You Are The Last Line of Defence

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Chief Instructor: Patrick Cumiskey

All Courses are led by Patrick Cumiskey...


Our Courses

Core Programme

Developed over 25 years and taught to over 80,000 people, this programme is the fastest way to learn a complete self-defence approach.
This course can be taken as a 12-week course or over a full weekend.

Parent and Teens

We have taught our core programme and adjusted it so the key fuendmentsl can be taught to teenagers and parents, This unique programme  creates a safety strategy framework which both parents and teenagers learn and understand together which will carry on

Female Counter Assault Training

This is a 1 Day course designed to address specific situations facing women and teenage girls 16 and over.

Free Lifetime Refresher Training: Everyone who completes any of our courses can attend a special refresher course once a year for life.


Taking the Krav Maga course was the best things I've ever done for myself. Patrick is incredible, he kept us grounded and in-tune in a really fun, interesting, practical way. He just kept it all so real as did Maria and Pauric the other tutors. We were worked hard but the class was so exhilarating we just wanted to keep going. I learned so much, I'm feeling the benefits and a new kind of confidence in myself. This course really is life-changing and, for everyone. I can't recommend this course highly enough.

Patrick and his team are not only extremely competent in the technical aspects of self defence, they're also exceptionally capable of motivating the participants in engaging in activities and believing that they can do things for themselves. I loved both the theoretical and practical parts of the training

I have about 50 years practising and teaching Martial Arts, and my personal opinion is Patrick is for me one the best in teaching Practical Self Defence.
Simple and effective.

I was not sure if this course would be enough to learn something useful, but I must say it exceeded my expectations. Patrick was an excellent instructor both in teaching techniques and in talking about how to assess situations.

fabulous trainers. They made a tough subject and workout relevant, fun and memorable.


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