Self Defence Ireland

Self Defence Training for Companies, Communities and Teams

Our Goal is to provide companies, community groups and teams access to essential self defence education and tools that keep them safe and reduce fear and anxiety.


We offer a wide range of options to support businesses and companies in ensuring their staff's safety.

  • We provide interactive, fun and accessible¬† style courses where we teach easy-to-learn strategies that have helped thousands of people stay safe.
  • Our full programme into a series of 1-2 hour modules which can be delivered. Modules can be combined to create half-day or full-day programs or delivered as a series of modules over several days or weeks.
  • We offer individual training to staff members where the role or location may require self-defence as a risk management strategy.
  • Specific Situations: We can work with you to develop specific strategies for defined situations, including office-based or outdoor situations.
  • Team-Based Self Defence: Train a defined team to engage in control and restraint.

Our Flagship Self Defence Workshop

This Self Defence primer workshop is an accessible, interactive and fun way to provide your staff, team or group with essential concepts that will improve their safety.

This programme is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness with the level of activity chosen by the individual.

This programme can be delivered in 60-90 minutes

  • Priming your Safety Instincts
  • Knowing When to Act
  • How to behave if you feel threatened
  • The ACE principle for Managing Risk
  • How to Escape from Being Dragged
  • How to Break Away
  • How to Think Like Your Own Bodyguard

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Patrick Cumiskey..Chief Instructor


With Over 20 Years of experience teach self defence at ths highlest level Patrick is at home teaching Parents and Teens as a pre-deployment troops

He has trained over 100,000 people in self-protection over the last 20+ years. His clients include state bodies, military units, specialist security companies, but his core passion is helping everyday normal people stay safe and secure.

He has conducted extensive research and developed a unique program proven to empower everyday people with life-saving and transformative strategies.

He holds an MBA from the University of Wales, as well as a wide range of qualifications in Performance and Positive Psychology, Accelerated Skills Development, and Psychotherapy.

He has integrated these concepts with proactive, proven self-defence strategies and practices to empower everyday people to live safe and adventurous lives free from fear and anxiety.

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